Behrentin Communication GmbH partnering with 

Leipziger Messe GmbH

THE BODY 2023 will partner up with "Messe Leipzig", the leading national b2b industry platform for therapy, medical rehabilitation and prevention to promote the topic of Cannabinoids and introduce the leading Cannabinoid brands to the German speaking market. With more than 16.000 visitors it is the most important industry meeting place for medical-therapeutic professionals in Germany wanting to find out about current products and services or conduct   research for investment decisions.



Behrentin Communication GmbH partnering with 

AFBW - Allianz Faserbasierte Werkstoffe Baden-Württemberg e.V..

AFBW  connects science and business, people and markets, technologies and fields of              application – from the fibre to the finished product. The most important task is the transfer of know-how. This is how we create added value in order to give impetus and drive innovation. The aim of our work is to promote the competitiveness of companies, universities and research institutes in the region.



                Behrentin Communication GmbH partnering with Green Mobility Future. Green Mobility Future                    is founded as an institute for alternative fuels, e-fuels, bio-fuels, for bioeconomy & sustainability.                  The institute is located at the world famous Nürburgring race track in Germany.



                 Behrentin Communication GmbH is member of  Swiss

              Swiss Cannabis Industry Association

                 Behrentin Communication GmbH is member of German 


                 Behrentin Communication GmbH starts partnership with the largest sports assocciation in                             Germany/Europe, Landessportbund-Rheinland-Pfalz & Sportbund Rheinland.

Behrentin Communication starts partnership with the largest sports assocciation in Germany/Europe, Landessportbund-Rheinland-Pfalz & Sportbund Rheinland.

Behrentin Communication GmbH starts cooperation with FIBO exhibition to host the international  Trade Show THE BODY in Cologne during FIBO Exhibition at KölnMesse in 2022.


THE BODY is the first specific and largest Cannabinoid Expo for Sports, Beauty and Wellness in Europe, owned & organized by Behrentin Communication GmbH


                                                 Behrentin Communication GmbH consulting  Pro Football Club 1860 München on sponsorship 


                                                 Behrentin Communication GmbH consulting Pro Football Club Stuttgarter Kickers                                                                   



Are you thinking about a premium partnership in football, but are still in the dark about the direction of your engagement?


More than half of all Germans are interested in football. And more than 50 percent of this audience even says that football is an integral part of their lives.


What are the benefits of a premium partnership in football? Which target groups can be reached and which reach ranges can be achieved? On this page SPORTFIVE gives you a first insight into the diversity of this exclusive form of sponsorship.


Why is a positive image so essential for companies? In a nutshell, the image of a brand, company or organisation is decisive for whether or not it is economically successful on the market. Only with a positive image can a company stay on the market permanently and compete against the competition. Many companies are fully aware of this problem or challenge of creating this positive image and are therefore often one of the core goals of a successful marketing campaign.


It is of rather minor importance in which league such sponsorship takes place. The positive aspects have an effect on sponsors in lower leagues as well as on sponsors in the Bundesliga, because the high emotionality of the sport is given in every league and sport. Only the objective and target group of the respective sponsor determines the type of sponsorship.


Sports sponsorship is accepted in society and is not considered suspiciously, such as annoying advertising banners on the Internet. 97% of the German population over the age of 14 find jerseys and gang advertising perfectly fine. Ninety-three percent find the sale of stadium names unproblematic and an accepted advertising tool. These high values speak for themselves: Sports sponsorship is a good way for companies to sustainably improve their own image. Brands and companies have also recognized this value, because – although brands that run sports sponsorship often pursue a wide variety of goals, 84 percent of sponsorship decision-makers say their sponsorship activities primarily pursue image goals. An extremely high value that reflects the role of sport as an advertising platform.

Foto credit- Basis: 198 Entscheider im Sportsponsoring Quelle: Sponsor-Trend 2018, Nielsen Sports