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Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets and relationships.

Our international network and experience of 14 years in the Sports, Fashion and Lifestyle Industry provides us with the right people you need  to grow your brand.


We are annual guests at the Sport Bild Award in Hamburg

Shortlisted for the High Performance Award 2020

Organizer of THE BODY CBD Expo 2021/22/23

Organizer of THE BODY' TEC 2022/2023


We are The Brand Stylists



Cannabis Retail License Germany


Germany is becoming the first EU country to legalize Cannabis for recreational use. It will be a closed market according to the first Key Point paper published and approved by the political cabinat in Germany on October 24.2022


If you want to take part and enter the German cannabis market, we help and support you to obtain a cannabis retail lisense according to German law 



Innovation & Sustainability with Hemp Fibres


 Using hemp based bioeconomy in the textile, mobility and construction segment


To achieve the minimum climate targets, there is an urgent need to develop sustainable CO2 -neutral materials and to reduce energy consumption at once. Especially for natural fibers, the corresponding economic industrial processing methods in regional cycles must be developed, to reduce both costs and the environmental impact of transportation. Finally, environmental pollution, e. g. caused by microplastics, has to be avoided. Increasing deforestation worldwide contributes to about 12 - 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to reforestation, the cultivation of fast-growing annual plants can contribute significantly to reduce CO2 concentrations.


Currently, there are many different machinery technologies on the market worldwide to process natural fibers and we help all stakeholders involved in the supply chain – from farmers to users – to get an overview of the different technologies and to provide a decision support for building an effective, economic, and reliable supply chain for natural hemp fibres.




Consulting Pro Athletes and Teams on CBD

What Pro Athletes should know:



CBD / Cannabidiol is a game changer in the sports world for many reasons. Most importantly it may be an alternative to opioids but also may  help to focus, concentrate, reduce stress, increase cognitivity and may lead to faster muscle relaxation. 


The World Anti Doping Agency ( WADA ) has taken CBD off the official doping list since 2017 but pro athletes still have to be careful when using CBD. Behrentin Communication had the chance to discuss this issue with WADA in New York and we are in further discussion regarding the matter of Cannabinoids for pro athletes.


Why? Buying the wrong product can still result in a failed doping test which might end a career!


We consult athletes about the benefits and risks of CBD ( Cannabidiol )